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We specialize in branding and
logo design, custom graphics,
illustrations,  social media, web design
and complete printing services.
We pride ourselves on authentic
and quality workmanship to both
meet and exceed the needs of
our client and the end-user.
20 Years in the Making!
Sliq Creative has curated a phenomenal
client-base built on our experience,
customer satisfaction, our personal
approach to each project, exceeding
your expectations, trust and creativity.
Our past experience engulfs
working with manufacturers,
distributors, trademark branding
approvals, CSA's, product design,
retail POS materials, technical
drawings, product mock-up
illustrations, pre-flight file preparations
and for businesses small and large.
Some of our notable clients & associations are:
Disney, Hallmark, Home Depot, Rona,
Century 21,  Creatively Beautiful Salon,
Calendar Club + Toys & Games, and more.
Experienced Designers
Pronounciation: Sliq: [listen]
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