What a Logo Can Do
Before you embark on your logo design project, you should already have an idea on your market and customer, the class of logo you're after (fun or whimsical, corporate and serious, appetizing and enticing, etc.).  A logo will not sell your product or service (your product or service will do that for you), but your logo should entice a feeling that represents your business well.  If you're selling hamburgers and fries, perhaps a purple logo in script font isn't exactly the right direction.  Ever wonder why fast-food restaurant logos are usually orange, brown, red, yellow?  Colours and style evoke a mood for your customers.

A logo that is simple, clean and versatile will be memorable and stand the test of time.  Drop-shadows and fancy intricate details that are not legible at all sizes when your logo is scaled, are not good branding choices.  You must keep in mind the media on which your logo will be represented (ie. websites, small web banners, social media sites, flyers, posters, banners, corporate collateral, signage and displayed on desktop computers, tablet and small smart phone devices).  All of these play a huge role in why it is important that the age old saying of the term, "KISS" works in branding too.
What is the Difference Between a Logo, an Identity
and a Brand?


A logo is what represents the overall corporation in the most simplest way.  It is the first impression that a consumer or client will feel when they see your logo and it is critical that the logo is a recognizable trademark -- made best when kept simple and clean, resulting in a timeless and memorable feeling.


An identity is the overall physical elements of the corporation that all work together to complete the consistent feeling throughout all of the companies media such as: logo, business cards and corporate collateral, advertisements, packaging, social media, radio and video, websites, etc. 

A brand is a well thought-out marketing strategy that encompasses the overall feeling, both physically and emotionally, between your corporation and the consumer/client. The brand is what people will experience from their end in whole. A brand is what helps encourage a person to buy a product, but the brand itself doesn't scream, "BUY ME", it visually describes what it is, what it does, why it is good for you, why you want it, why you should trust it and why it is quality. These "feelings" are what is important in driving your customers to purchase your product or service.

Do you need all three of these?
The answer is YES!...
If you want to be successful and get your message across in the most efficient way to your target audience. Sliq Creative doesn't just design logos, we offer full brand marketing packages that have meaning and results!

What We Do
Branding is a huge part of the success of any business. We take your vision and our experience and bring it to fruition with our proven method of branding development.  We not only research your business plan and strategy, but we research your competition and come up with a direction for your branding that will set you apart.  We offer our services to small to large size corporations, with branding packages to suit any budget.
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